Special Promotion: 99 Tools

The first release of a 99 damage tool is active, you can buy a 99 Whip for 1500 cash. We suppose more 99 tools will become available in similar promotions in the coming days.

It doesn’t seem a free release is coming soon, but things can change in the future, for now paying cash is the only method to obtain a 99 Whip.

Coming Soon: Diamond Tools

It seems brand new Level 7 tools are coming, the tools don’t have a name yet I just created a name for them so I could name this post :P they probably won’t be called diamond tools when it releases.

The most interesting about these tools is actually the whip, unlike all other images it is labeled as Whip99 instead of Whip7, maybe it is the ultimate Whip to end all beasts?? Note that from all tools it is the only one with a brand new art, not just a recolored version of the level 6 tool, and also doesn’t have sparkles, it sure is different, but not quite sure how different it will be. I’m quite interested to see how this will turn out, we’ll be sure to bring the latest details when they are available.

NEW: Trip’s Gadget Tent

Trip’s Gadget Tent was just released, for now you can craft just 3 of the items, the Adventure Society worker is still coming soon.

You won’t need to build the tent, just place it, for the gadgets you’ll need to ask some parts as always, Master Spider Bait and Wolf Bait requires 6 of each of the two materials, and both produces 3 units at each craft. The portable boulder takes more items, 15 of each of the two materials, but produces 5 units in one craft. Some really cool gadgets, enjoy!

Coming Soon: Gadget Tent and more Artifacts

Trip’s Gadget Tent seems to be more sooner now than before, we can now confirm that the never released decoration we mentioned before is indeed the Tent that will be released, we are not sure but it might not be necessary to build it. (See more details about the tent clicking here)

Also we now have the image of the Vigor Idol (see below) and news about a future artifact, the Idol of Prosperity, it will give two parts everyday an will be collected in Bones of the Beast. As soon as any of these features are released we’ll post here.

Special Promotion: Legendary Pickaxe

The Pickaxe is the first of the original tools to be offered at level 6, this comes at a price though, and a big one, the Legendary Pickaxe costs 720 Cash (discounted from the full price of 1500 cash) and is only available for a limited time. The item is offered in the special promotions that happen from time to time in the game.

It is possible the discounts are different depending on the player, probably not, but if you have a different price please say in the comments.

Upgrade Tibet tools to level 5 and 6!

You can now upgrade your Tibetan tools up to level 6, more parts and glyphs required, if you want to know which expeditions award each glyph check our Tibet Expeditions page.

This info comes from the official Facebook page, I can’t confirm myself because my game is not loading, I’m working with some friends that are providing me with the necessary info about the releases, in the meantime news might come slower than before, hope to come back at full speed soon ;)

Coming Soon: Trip Gadget Tent

Actually it might be too soon to talk about this, but there is a new gadget tent coming. The image above IS NOT THE ACTUAL TENT, it is an unused decoration that I felt could be used, but at the moment there is no images of either the tent or the gadgets, but we do know what are the gadgets planned.

First there are two new baits, The first for spiders is poisonous, the second for Wolfs doesn’t seem to include damaging properties, it just attracts the wolves.

The third gadget is something that seems similar to a free crew member, it is an Adventure Society Helper, it summons help for you, it would differ from a crew member as it would be just temporary and could be called to help without waiting, the number of actions it would do is unknown.

The last gadget seems to have the properties of an improved Bear Trap, it is called Portable Boulder, on the description it says “Throws a Portable Boulder At Beasties Defeating Them!” so we assume it will be a one-hit K.O. even if the beasties have 50+HP.

As soon as we have actual images or the release gets near we’ll post more.

Mystery of the Yeti Part 2 and Tool Upgrades

Soon all players will be able to finish the first set of Tibet missions. Yeti Trail and Path to Immortality will introduce the other 2 tools for our adventure, the Wrench and the Canteen. After all tools are introduced we’ll see the release of the new Tibet Tool Shop with the upgrades.

For now it seems only upgrades up to level 4 will be possible, with levels 5 and 6 coming at a later date, but they can change this up to release. The upgrade process will be very similar, with two parts, one acquired through wall posts and the other through individual requests and the new Himalayan Glyphs. As soon as it starts to roll out we’ll update.