Sallah’s Bazaar and Tool Upgrades

Sallah’s Bazaar is almost upon us, unlike we posted in the past the new building seems to require no actual requests to build, it is just placed on your camp, but to upgrade the tools you’ll need to collect enough parts.

Every tool will require 3 different materials, two of them are the same to all levels of a certain tool, these materials were posted by us last week. The last material is one of the Glyphs we showed earlier today.

The Hieroglyphs are obtained in two ways:

  1. Completing Egyptian maps. (determined depending on map)
  2. Asking for “Untranslated Glyphs”. (random)

The below table shows what are the materials and glyphs required, the actual amount necessary is unknown at the moment.

Tool Common Materials Level 1 Upgrade Glyph Level 2 Upgrade Glyph Level 3 Upgrade Glyph

At the moment the only two Glyphs available in maps are the Eye Glyphs (Riverfront Rescue and Dig Site) and Reed Glyphs (A Sandy Situation), this might still change


What could be the use for these Hieroglyphs?

While we wait for the next Egypt maps there is something to think about. There are some glyph images in the game right now, their purpose is not know at the moment. What do you think it might be?

As soon as we know more we’ll be sure to post.

Week Review: January 23rd – 29th

This week saw the release of two of the most wanted features players requested, Egypt and Storage. Here are all our posts from last week:

Egypt – Riddle of the Sphinx:

Storage and Rotate:
Upcoming Sallah’s Bazaar and Upgraded Tools

Decoration prizes for Riddle of the Sphinx Episode 2

It looks like the next set of missions on Riddle of the Sphinx will have decorations as prizes too. The Library of Alexandria map should reward a Bastet Statue, Oasis should reward a Date Tree (complete with monkey on top) and finally the Valley of the Kings map should reward a Mummy Sarcophagus. All prizes icons are pictured below.

As always there is no guarantee these prizes will really be awarded, but all are somewhat related to the quests on these maps, when the missions release we will confirm if the decorations are indeed rewards.

Unreleased “Dig Site” Egypt Expedition [Update]

In the third Riddle of the Sphinx mission Sallah will guide you to the Dig Site he was working to uncover the Library of Alexandria, a sandstorm destroyed the equipment but if you can restore it you might really find the Library!

As we predicted the requirements for this expedition were changed, here are the new requirements (click images to expand):