Artifact Tent: Wealth and Energy Idol Info

So Zynga wants to give us lots of free things, actually not that much but still incredibly unusual. Professor Allen Artifact Tent is going to release soon, and with it two artifacts: Wealth Idol and Energy Idol. First of all the Tent is NOT A BUILDABLE! it comes fully built, you just have to place it, then you can already start the hunt.

After that you just have to complete ONE mission for each idol, just that, and the rewards seems to be permanent, now the details:

The first is the Energy Idol, this item is obtained after completing Thoth’s Chambers in the Guardian of the Underworld Hub. This idol gives 4 energy free every day, it doesn’t seem to be much as we already use a lot, but with little to no effort involved it is quite a deal.

The second is the Wealth Idol, this is obtained after completing Eyrie of the Generals on the Warriors of the Sky Hub, this item is impressive, it will give 2 Adventure Cash everyday!! Again it is not that much but is FREE MONEY EVERYDAY!

I’m very impressed with these items, they are probably some of the best rewards ever since Challenges, nothing will beat a 5 damage whip I think, but it is looking great 🙂


Get ready to RUN! Expert mode coming soon.

Starting soon Adventure World will add Expert Mode to some maps, completing them in a much smaller time window will award great prizes: Energy Vitamins. We already posted earlier that these Vitamins will offer a permanent increase of 1 point to max energy.

It will be a great incentive to burn that hoarded energy, (and also start hoarding some to tackle these challenges). At the moment it is unknown if these will be offered as limited time challenges or if players will be able to start them at any given time. Also we don’t know if it will be possible to repeat the same map multiple times for the same reward.

We’ll bring more details as the release gets near, I’m excited 😀

The Totem of the Ages: Head of Quetzalcoatl

The last piece is very near our base camp, in Central America! It looks like we are a bit late though, there are lots of mercenaries here, we need a plan to get past them and escape safely with the Totem Piece.

This mission should complete our totem for now, but it looks like the totem doesn’t actually do anything, why the Man with the Silver Eye was so eager to get it then? it looks like we’ll have to wait and see if the feature ever makes a comeback and we get more pieces for it.

The Totem of the Ages: Visage of Anubis

On this return to Egypt we are seeking for the second piece of the totem, professor Allen also wants to look after a Statue of Ra, it looks like the insects destroyed it though.

The second mission seems to be mostly mercenary free, so you should be ahead of competition here, as always the details on all these missions can change until release:

The Totem of the Ages: Easter Island Dig

Here is the usual sneak peek for the newest quests, it should start in the next few days.

The first expedition involves going to Easter Island and finding the first piece of the Totem, the mercenaries working for the Man with the Silver Eye are also looking for the pieces of the totem, you can try to get ahead of them by delaying their excavations.