New Map: Army of Fate

A new Tibet expedition just released! Prevent the awakening of the army of Fate and retrieve the Staff of Command.

You’ll need to use one Adventure Society Intern in this map.


Special Promotion: 99 Tools

The first release of a 99 damage tool is active, you can buy a 99 Whip for 1500 cash. We suppose more 99 tools will become available in similar promotions in the coming days.

It doesn’t seem a free release is coming soon, but things can change in the future, for now paying cash is the only method to obtain a 99 Whip.

New Challenge: Scorpion Slammer

A new challenge has just released in Adventure World. This time we have to defeat many scorpions to get the prizes, the prizes as always from now on are the special chests that might contain upgrades for our tools or super bear trap gadgets

The maps below are probably the best maps to complete this challenge, many maps have a great number of scorpions, but mostly desert maps are the best, the list doesn’t have all maps with scorpions, just the ones we feel are better to do the challenge. The ones in the first list are maps that mostly only have scorpions as foes, the second list contains maps with a great amount of scorpions but also other enemies and obstacles that might end up costing more energy than it is worth:


  • Bones of the Beast
  • Desert of the Dead
  • Visage of Anubis (You earn point for scorpions even when using the Idols on the holes)
Also Good:
  • Thoth’s Chambers
  • Valley of the Lost Pyramids
  • Temple of Sobek