New Animal: Mercenary Dog

As we said earlier this week a new animal would be available to buy in the new maps, it is available at the latest map, Loose Ends, to get it you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Find the “ex-Mercenary Dog Seller”.
  2. Talk with him, and he will offer his dog in trade for money. If you decide to buy the dog costs 25 cash.
  3. And done! You should now be a proud owner of a former Mercenary Dog 🙂 also it harvests for 2500 coins or (as observed by commenter ersgupta) a Jade Key every day!
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One comment on “New Animal: Mercenary Dog

  1. ersgupta says:

    wow… just bought this dog.. n it gave me a jade key.. but wen i check inventory it aint der.. n i guess it did gave 2500 coins.. have posted in forums for the confirmation of the rewards from the dog…

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