This page lists all the artifacts that can be obtained in the game as part of Professor Allen’s Artifact Tent. To collect these items you must have placed the Tent in your Base Camp.

Idol of Energy 4 Energy
Guardian of the Underworld
Thoth’s Chambers
Idol of Wealth 2 AW Cash
Warriors of the Sky
Eyrie of the Generals
Idol of Friendship 1 Crew Member
The Lost Pyramids
Sunken Pyramid
Idol of Plenty 1 Part
Courts of the Fae
End of Rainbow
Encryption Idol 1 Tibet Glyph
The Head of Sobek
Temple of Sobek
Idol of Vigor 20 Energy
Every 7 Days
The Sinking Island
Cave of the Mountain God
Idol of Prosperity 2 Parts
Every 2 Days
Scrolls of the Beast
Bones of the Beast
Idol of Endurance 15 Energy
Every 5 Days
Totem of the Ages
Visage of Anubis

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