Coming Soon: Jewelry Box


A new item called Jewelry Box seems to be coming soon to our game, it looks like it will either be a buildable or at least be upgradeable, there are not many details but we have images for the four stages of the Jewelry Box above.


Field Kitchen Released!

A new building was just released (Still rolling out, if you don’t have it you’ll see it soon), the field kitchen follow the steps from the Generator and the Hydroplant giving a new use to an old supply. This time the last supply, Food, is used along with coins to produce energy.

The building has 5 upgrades as usual and allows a bigger daily production at each upgrade, all materials this time are brand new so get requesting! The limits are still the same, 6 energy on level 1 and increasing 2 points at each upgrade up to 14 energy at level 5.

Hydro Plant released!

The Hydro Plant is available for building on the game now, as with the generator it has multiple upgrades to allow a bigger production of energy.

Some materials are old and some are brand new, you’ll have to ask your friends for most of them. The max production rate seems to be the same as the Generator, 14 Energy Daily.

Coming Soon: Waterwheel Generator

Coming soon we’ll have another building to produce energy, still doesn’t have a final name, but for now we’ll call it the Waterwheel.

Similar to the Generator it will use water and coins to produce energy, it will have 5 stages as the generator too, and hopefully won’t lock players out of the game when it is released :p

Energy Generator now available.

The energy generator is rolling out now.

The Level 1 generator can produce 6 Energy Daily, each upgrade increases the limit by 2 more energy points, so a level 5 generator (fully upgraded) can produce a total of 14 Energy daily.

Re-use was definitely the point of the feature as you will need four old materials (Nails, Paint, Wood and Tile) and only two new ones (Gold Pump and Blue Cable) to build the generator.

[UPDATE] There are some problems with upgrading the Energy Generator, causing players to be unable to load the game, the release was halted due to this problem and will resume once the issue is resolved, so if you don’t have it yet it should show up soon, if you already have avoid upgrading it until the issue is resolved.

[UPDATE 2] A fix was released and anyone that was locked out from the game should be able to load it,  also it should be safe to upgrade the generator.

Coming Soon: Energy Generator.

Do you have piles of coins and fuel laying around? these might get some usefulness very soon with the Energy Generator!

From the pics we have it looks like it will be a buildable with up to 5 upgrades , and after built can convert a still unknown  amount of fuel and coins to produce energy. Seems like a deal as those two resources have been mostly unused on the last months, when it releases we’ll bring you all the details.