Guardian of the Underworld: Decoration Prizes

Completing maps on the new series will award some new decorations, here are some pictures of the items for each map

Desert of the Dead – Egyptian Gravestone

Thoth’s Chambers – Egyptian Forge

Lake of Fire – Osiris Statue


Rotate option is available!

It took time but now we can rotate possibly every item in the game 😀

I tested a couple of items and when they couldn’t be rotated it was for lack of space around them, moving the item to a less cluttered area made rotation possible.

Decoration prizes for Riddle of the Sphinx Episode 2

It looks like the next set of missions on Riddle of the Sphinx will have decorations as prizes too. The Library of Alexandria map should reward a Bastet Statue, Oasis should reward a Date Tree (complete with monkey on top) and finally the Valley of the Kings map should reward a Mummy Sarcophagus. All prizes icons are pictured below.

As always there is no guarantee these prizes will really be awarded, but all are somewhat related to the quests on these maps, when the missions release we will confirm if the decorations are indeed rewards.

More Storage Shed images, rotate might also come soon

The Storage Shed is coming soon, I actually expect it to arrive by the weekend or early next week, here are the images from the materials required:

Also I don’t want to get everyone’s hope up, but recently there were some changes in the text of the game regarding the Rotate option, so it might actually be turning into reality. I actually have to confess I never believed the option was going to release, but it seems things might change indeed.

Get an Ivy Covered Statue for playing Hidden Chronicles

Hidden Chronicles cross promotion has finally started in Adventure World. After receiving the message about the promotion in your game and clicking the link to play Hidden Chronicles. After reaching level 8 you’ll receive a quest to place your Ivy-Covered statue on the Base Camp. The statue is harvestable for Coffee Plant parts every day if you haven’t built one, otherwise it will give coins.