Temple of the Golden Waters Tips

I’ve taken a screenshot to help everyone build the map, it can be confusing if you don’t know where to place each block, so to avoid wasting energy here is the full completed map:

There is also a bug, might have been fixed since I last played, but to be safe: After reloading the map the columns that you lower to push the maps rise again, so if you step on these spots and leave the map you’ll end up trapped. It might be valid to leaving the blocks in the place, the pillar might rise with the block on top of it and you won’t be able to move the block again, so make sure to as soon as you lower a block move it, and never step on the place the block was.

I would also like to say that I won’t do Walkthroughs anymore, I might give a tip or two, but right now I lack enough time to do it properly. If you are stuck or need help in one map drop a comment in any post here or on the Facebook page and I’ll see about helping with individual expedition parts, anytime I think a puzzle should have a post I’ll do so too (like right now).


Walkthrough: Golden Jungle

Most of the missions are pretty straightforward on this map, except for “All that Glitters” which requires some exploration, here are our tips to complete this mission successfully.

Golden Map Piece 2

This mission is very simple, locate and use the Keyholes on the map and then collect the Map Piece. There are three things to note though:

 1. While going to the keyholes try to cut the bushes and thorns required for other missions, this way you avoid using energy by cutting bushes that are not necessary, you’ll need to cut 15 thorns and all “suspicious” and “strange” bushes;

 2. After using the Keyholes some snakes will be freed and you’ll most likely have to deal with them;

 3. When pushing the block to rise the first set of stairs try to follow the Dynamite Rock path, pushing the block over the button on the left will end up freeing 3 snakes.

Follow the jump to see details for the next two quests.

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Walkthrough: Golden Source

This is a test post, gathering high quality image from the whole map is a bit difficult due mostly to the fog covering the maps, so I’ll try to do a small walkthrough with the main steps to reach the goal, but not a step-by-step guide with the whole route.

Crystal Clear

The Wood Poles are wall requests, you’ll need 6 to repair the Broken Levers to access the 6 Crystals. To solve the puzzle you must activate the Crystals in the right order, starting with number one up to number six:

After activating all crystals a stair will form and you can easily collect the Map Piece. First quest finished, follow to the full post to the directions for the other two quests.

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