Week Review: April 2nd – 8th

Happy Easter! the bunnies seem to be lost on their way to Adventure World, I was expecting them sometime in the last days but they are still missing, with luck we might see them still today 🙂

This week had the most awesome release ever, I hope everyone is enjoying their Lucky Dragon Chest, it was just one small feature to start introducing Tibet, and luckily this week we will see the next Egyptian quest series, Scrolls of the Beast, that should point to the mysteries of our next location. Here are all the posts from this week:

Features released this week:

Sinking Isle Series:
Premium Items Coming Soon:
New Features Coming Soon:

Coming Soon: Lucky Dragon Chest from Tibet!

As we said before Tibet is coming soon, to prepare this feature we’ll have a brand new feature for the Base Camp, the Lucky Dragon Chest.

Once you place the item you’ll be able to make offerings to it, the offerings are made with two items, one from wall posts and the other from direct requests: Jade Dragon Trinkets and Lotus Blossoms.

Once you gather enough items you can perform the offering, there are 4 different levels, requiring less or more items depending on the final reward, as of now we can’t confirm but it is likely that we can repeat offerings multiple times. The icons that correspond to rewards for each offering are as follows:

 Humble Offering: Chance to win Energy, Parts, and more
Adequate Offering: Same as Humble Offering, but win more prizes
Honorable Offering: Chance to win Energy, Parts, and Grand Prizes
Supreme Offering: Same as Honorable Offering, but win two Grand Prizes

Even though these icons show many rewards the offering might not award all items on the image but only some of them, specially considering the Supreme Offering that has a huge number of items pictured. We’ll let you know more when the feature releases.

A post about random upcoming stuff

So This is going to be a lot of guessing and no solid info but I thought I would let you all know.

1) There will be a Slingo cross promotion, I’m impressed the Zynga Bingo promotion has still not gone live, it should still be coming. But aside from this image it is still unclear what the reward will be, possible energy which brings item #2

2) There is a new icon for “Energy Pills” whatever it is is unknown at the moment, but I have a feeling this will be either another of those Premium items they are releasing often or it will be the Slingo cross promo reward. If it is a premium item I suspect it could either give an insane amount of energy or even unlimited energy for a certain map, as these options were hinted at a survey in the past, if it is the Slingo reward it would probably just give some good quantity of energy and is just a different icon so you know it is the prize.

3) There is a new Totem Pole item, it looks like it will be either buildable or will upgrade somewhat over time. We are mostly certain it will be an item for the Base Camp but the purpose or the feature it is linked to is a mystery. I have a feeling though that it is related to the next big thing that should be happening soon.


As soon as we discover more details about these we’ll let you know.